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Viscometer and Rheometer

We offer a raneg of viscometers and rheometers based on different methods:

Fluidichem - Viscosity & Rhelogy using nicrofluidics
Laserrheo- Laser based rheometer
Capillary visocmeter - for polymer & pulp
Turbulance Rheometer - for working on hlghly turbulant fluids
High temp- high pressure rotational rheometer
Rotational rheometers
Falling ball visometer


Rheometer - Rheolaser Master

Rheometer - Rheolaser Master
  • Rheometer - Rheolaser Master
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Product Details:

BrandFormulaction, FRANCE
MethodDynamic wave spectroscopy (DWS)
Light SourceLaser
Sample preparationNo sample preparation required,
WorkingFully automatic
No of samples6 at a time

Rheolaser Master is based on optical measurement by MS-DWS. The complexity of polymers and their compounds is a subject to continuous developments. To study these developments this measuring technology is used. Rheolaser was developed for performing passive Microrheology analysis for soft material.


  • It allows automatic plot of particle Mean Square Displacement (MSD) and microrheological parameters of the material such as elasticity, viscosity and relaxation time
  • Rheolaser can also analyze the viscoelastic properties of viscoelastic products.



  • Cosmetic, food, polymer, pharmaceutical, paint and ink industries.

Technically differences:


  • For characterizing viscoelastic fluids, user can plot the viscous and elastic modulus at a chosen frequency (1 Hz for instance) or versus frequencies

  • This method is also used for analysis of the microstructure like mesh size and relaxation time


  • Multiple experiments can be performed with the same sample versus time, as it is a non destructive method

  • Evolution of G’µR, G’’µR, TR µR versus time

  • Measurement of the perfect gel point by plotting G’’µR /G’µR at several frequencies versus time

  • Evolution of the polymer mesh size versus time

  • Evolution of the viscoelastic properties versus the pH, temperature


Structure recovery / thixotropy:

  • After shearing, automatic plot of G’µR ,G’’µR at rest versus time at a one or several frequencies

  • Relaxation time TR UR kinetic


The price may vary depending on options and accessories

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: RHL
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Turbulance Rheometer

Turbulance Rheometer
  • Turbulance Rheometer
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Product Details:

BrandPSL Germany
Reynold No80000
Temp-10 degC to 100degC
Pressure0 to 35 bar
Line dia3mm, 5mm
sample volume0.5L to 3L
Automation GradeAutomatic

Turbulance Rheometer is used for Quality control of Drag Reducing Agents with the Turbulence Rheometer

  • Compact laboratory plant
  • Different Reynolds numbers can be analyzed in one test run
  • Minimal shear forces, no edges, constant acceleration
  • Different capillary length and diameters usable
  • Adaptation to customer requirements possible

The sample is pumped through a test capillary with small diameter. This enables test conditions with variable flow rates and in a wide range of Reynolds numbers


  • Testing the efficiency of Drag Reducing Agents (DRA)
  • Optimizing Drag Reducing Agents
  • Quality control
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Fluidichem - Visual Viscometer

Fluidichem - Visual Viscometer
  • Fluidichem - Visual Viscometer
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Fluidchem- Rheology on CHIP

New concept of viscosity measurement, which mimics the application of high shear like PROTEINS, POLYMERS, PAINTS, INKS, COSMETICS, etc.

The method uses a micro fluidic chip, made of PP or glass and simply flow just few µL or ml test sample along with the reference, the instruments takes the pictures of the flow in the chip and provides direct info on viscosity or stress rheology ( up to 10exp5 /sec) in just few seconds. These chips do not require any calibration and can be cleaned for reuse or disposable.

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Automatic Polymer Viscometer

Automatic Polymer Viscometer
  • Automatic Polymer Viscometer
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We offer the Automatic Polymer Viscometer to our client. The system is also suitable for fully automating viscosity measurements of most other types of polymer solutions dissolved in acids, organic solvents or aqueous solution. This allows for measurement results to form part of legally binding product specifications. The standard price for an instrument includes software coded with the customer's method of choice.

Key features:

  • Sample Preparation.
  • Sample Dissolution
  • Filling Stations - Sample Loading.
  • Smart Sampling - XYZ auto Sampling.
  • Measurements of Folw times.
  • "Safe Vacuum" Solvent Cleaning.
  • Calculation of Results.
  • Powerfull result database.
  • LIMS.

Key application features:

  • Sample filling.
  • Ultimate degree of automation.
  • Precision.
  • Chemically resistant design and components.
  • Automatic Viscometer Cleaning.
  • Software.
  • Diagnostic and service support.
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Polymers Solutions Ubbelohde Viscometers

Polymers Solutions Ubbelohde Viscometers
  • Polymers Solutions Ubbelohde Viscometers
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Suitable for determining the dilute solution viscosity of polymers. Nominal overall length 285mm. approximate sample volume 25mL. supplied complete with 17025 certificate of calibration.

PSL Part No.


Capillary Diameter (mm)

Viscosity ratio of solvent at temp. of measurement (mL) Range (cSt)




0.31 to 0.50




0.51 to 0.75




0.76 to 1.50




1.51 to 2.50




2.51 to 5.00




5.01 to 15.00



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Viscometer Bath

Viscometer Bath
  • Viscometer Bath
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This Viscometer Bath is used to maintain the correct constant temperature for estimating Kinematic Viscosity of Oil and Petroleum Products. In this type of bath various Viscometer may be fixed as an internal part of the bath. Products offered by us are also appraised by our customers for their varied salient features.


  • Calibration to 0.01oC.
  • 7 Viscometer positions.
  • Small foot print.
  • Thermometer holder built in.
  • Cooling coil built in.
  • Stainless steel casing.
  • Splash proof keypad.
  • Range up to 150oC.
  • Integrated back light (optional)
  • Fast & easy to use.
  • Built-in cooling coil.
  • Excellent visibility.
  • Stability Certificate.


  • Temperature stability Typical: ± 0.015°C.
  • Volume: 40 Liters.
  • Heater Capacity 230V: 2000W.
  • Heater Capacity 115 V: 1000W.
  • Dimension: 380mm x 405mm x 420mm.
  • Internal Depth: 400mm.
  • Net Weight: 36 kg.
  • Bath Liquid: Silicon Oil, Mineral Oil or Demineralised water.


  • Simple & Safe to use.
  • Compliance with test methods.
  • Low cost.
  • Full visibility for accurate flow time or hydrometer readings.

Test methods are:

  • ASTM D 445, IP 71, ISO/DIS 3104, ISO/DIS 3105, ASTM D 1298.

Bath Accessories:
A full range of viscometer bath accessories are available:

  • digital "kinematic Viscosity" thermometer
  • liquid in glass thermometers
  • stainless steel viscometer holders with quick release clamps
  • wide range of bath liquids
  • viscometer bench stand and drip tray
  • timing devices

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: TCB-7
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Polymer Viscometer

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The Polymer Viscometer is available in many different configurations, from fully automated Auto-systems with integrated sample preparation, heating & stirring, to the 1 position RPV-1 Basic entry level viscometer system. At the heart of every RHEOTEK automated viscometer is a glass capillary viscometer tube calibrated in our in-house ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory. The capillary measuring principle ensures the highest degree of precision available in the marketplace.


  • Two automated viscometers allow simultaneous measurements of two samples.
  • Sample is automatically loaded into the viscometer from auto-sampler rack.
  • Accurate measurements of flow times to 0.01s using sensors.
  • Automatic calculation of results.
  • Automatic cleaning of viscometers and filling stations.
  • Pre-Programmed with ASTM/ISO Test methods.


  • Temperature Range(oC): 15 to 135.
  • Tempearture Stability-Typical(oC) +/-0.01.
  • Flow determinability: <0.1%
  • 8 measurements per hour, typical.
  • 10 measurements, mother test, RVNYLON, ASTM D789, 50.0, standards deviation is less than 0.1%.
  • 10 measurements, separate samples, IVPET, ASTM D4603, 0.820, standard deviation is less than 0.4%.
  • 70 x 40ml vialsare normally loaded, although system can be configured for more- depends on vials specification.


  • Simple & Safe to use.
  • Improves accuracy.
  • saves operator time.
  • Reduce exposure to hazardous chemicals.
  • Compliance with test methods.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: RHEOTEK_RPV-1
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