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M/s KRUSS GmbH introduced a new Spinning Drop Tensiometer SDT for measurement of inter-facial tension in an extremely wide range with especially simple sample exchange.

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KRÜSS GmbH has developed a novel, double-dosing system for performing wetting analyses on solid surfaces. Used in conjunction with KRÜSS contact angle measuring instruments, the DS3252 dosing module performs fully automated surface free energy (SFE) determinations within a second. Such extremely short measurement times make this new dosing solution particularly suitable for quality assurance processes during cleaning, pretreatment and coating of solid materials. The system’s precise, reproducible analyses and scientific evaluation methods offer powerful benefits for research and development as well.


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KRUSS Dynamic Foam Analyzer with FOAM STRUCTURE Module installed at UNILEVER in India.

The instrument uses image analysis to determine the size and size distribution of the bubbles of the foam generated under control in the instrument. The foam structure module features a height adjustable camera with rapid image sequence for measuring the structural changes over time.

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Fully automated wetting analysis for large samples: new Large Surface Analyzer – LSA presented at the industrial fair Hannover Messe.

Fast, contact-less, easy-to-program measurement sequence for quality assurance applications.

Comes in various sizes; custom models available upon request up to about 9 m2.

Hamburg, March 25th, 2015 – KRÜSS GmbH will be at the 2015 Hannover Messe introducing the public to the Large Surface Analyzer – LSA, a positioning robot combined with the Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA contact angle measuring instrument. The system performs fast, fully automated surface free energy (SFE) determinations at freely defined positions on large samples. Because it is easy to operate and program, this robot-assisted, scientific surface analysis system is particularly well suited to quality assurance applications on cleaned, pretreated or coated materials.

The MSA, with its ability to take measurements in less than one second, is the fastest mobile instrument on the market for determining surface free energy with two test liquids. It does this by means of a non-contact pressure dosing system that places two drops on the sample, followed by an automatic image analysis of each drop including contact angle measurement and SFE calculation. With our Large Surface Analyzer – LSA, these features are enhanced by quickly and precisely positioning the instrument between measurements.
The Large Surface Analyzer – LSA, which KRÜSS will present in the Surface Technology area of the 2015 Hannover Messe, has one vertical and two horizontal axes and is designed to handle sample sizes of 495 × 565 mm. A second standard model allows operators to position the instrument as desired on a surface of 2900 × 3150 mm. Upon request, customized systems in other sizes are possible. KRÜSS will be demonstrating the system to any interested visitors at booth G29, hall 3.

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FORMULACTION FRANCE introduces a new method to monitor micro-structure evolution in heterogeneous products by combining a non-invasive measurement using Dynamic Wave spectroscopy.

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We are pleased to organize 4th, Advance course in Surface Sciences at New Delhi from Nov. 9th- 11th, 2016. The course will cover theoretical lectures by expert from Kruss GmbH, Germany, Formulation- France, and faculty members from IIT/ICT. The course will also cover the experimental aspects with hands on experience on various instruments including Kruss K100 Force Tensiometer, Bubble Pressure Tensiometer, Contact Angle system DSA100, Mobile Surface Analyzer MSA, Dynamic Foam Analyzer and TURBISCAN for study of emulsion, suspension and dispersions.

Scientist from Akzo Noble, BASF, Halliburton, ITC, Dabur, Pidilite, Sabic, UPL, Shell, Asian paints, Marico, DRDO, Aditya Birla, Croda etc. participated in three seminars held earlier.

In case you need additional information, please feel free to contact us.

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Ross Miles Foam Analyzer – RMFA for foam analysis according to ASTM D 1173 on show for the first time at analytica
  • Precise, electronic foam height measurement, initially and after standardized measuring times of exactly 60, 180 and 300 seconds
  • Additional information by recording the whole temporal behavior and the drainage
  • The RMFA is the world’s first instrument for measuring foam height electronically according to the ASTM D 1173 standard, which is commonly referred to for investigating the foamability of foam-forming substances. Measurements with the RMFA are distinguished by high repeatability, large sample throughput and convenient data handling.

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New pressure dosing from KRÜSS significantly accelerates contact angle measurements, With the Liquid Needle dosing technique, a new method of drop positioning for measuring static Contact angle using pressure-based method significantly accelerates the dosing process compared with classic needle dosing. Here, dosing units arranged in parallel produce two drops at the same time enabling measurements of the surface free energy to be carried out within one second. A current scientific study in the journal Colloid and Polymer Science verifies that contact angles are measured accurately in spite of this high speed. The Liquid Needle combines speed with high accuracy, reliably prevents unwanted pre-wetting, and furthermore enormously simplifies dosing on liquid-repellent samples.

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Precise interfacial tension measurement in an extremely wide measuring range
  • New Spinning Drop Tensiometer – SDT for interfacial analysis of the formation and behavior of emulsions and microemulsions
  • High-tech solutions for excellent measuring accuracy, simple preparation of samples as well as fast and exact temperature control
  • New software with innovative operating concept for fully software-controlled measurements
The SDT is the ideal solution for the quality control and development of emulsions and surfactants thanks to its enormous bandwidth, low number of samples and simple handling during preparation. Exact capture of extremely low interfacial tensions also makes the SDT an instrument particularly well-suited for analyzing the drop method. That is why a high-resolution USB3 camera and an exactly controlled precision motor with excellent speed constancy are among the most important components of the SDT, combined with the intelligent and robust image evaluation algorithms of the software ADVANCE.

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Intuitive user interface, powerful video analysis and a wide range of functions
  • New software for measuring contact angle and surface free energy for all KRÜSS GmbH contact angle measuring instruments
  • Intuitive user interface which is based on the workflow for easy operation and quick programming of fully automated analyses
  • Powerful, robust video analysis with online evaluation and automatic background recording.

New, intuitive operating concept and simple programming of fully automated analyses

A unique operating concept for its new ADVANCE software in which the intelligent user interface organically follows the workflow of a measurement. The relevant functions for each particular step in the measurement are arranged in a 2x2 tile matrix and scroll automatically into focus. Only the functions relevant in the context are visible on the screen. Like a modern tablet, ADVANCE achieves to work without menu ribbons or pop-up windows. The database design with quick access to measurements and results is also clearly arranged. This includes prepared and flexibly modifiable templates for new measurements which ensure exact reproducibility of measuring conditions.

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Newly developed Mobile Surface Analyzer MSA for mobile quality control of pretreated or coated surfaces.

The newly developed Mobile Surface Analyzer MSA for the first time. The instruments measures wettability based on the contact angle with two test liquids simultaneously and fully automated using the innovative "One-Click SFE" method. Reliable values for the two contact angles, the surface free energy of the sample and its polar part are available within one second.

Simultaneous dosing and analysis of two drops obviates the need to change the test liquid during the material testing, as is the case with conventional dosing units. The dosing system is specially developed by KRÜSS. It doses two parallel drops within milliseconds, with high volume precision and minimal kinetic energy. In spite its high speed the procedure resembles the gentle way of placing a drop with a dosing needle. The contactless method, without the usual dosing needles, prevents undesirable contact with the sample and possible damage or contamination of the probe.

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The Hamburg-based manufacturer of measuring instruments has developed the Micro Dispenser especially for the Force Tensiometer K100, which has taken up an established position in the market for some time now. Two combined Micro Dispenser units create the whole concentration series for the surfactant to be analyzed directly inside the measuring vessel of the tensiometer. The K100 measures the surface tension between the respective dosing steps fully automatic by using the ring, plate or rod method.

By software-controlled dosing and subsequent removing the added volume between measurements, a vast number of concentrations can be analyzed without being limited by the vessel size. Thus, a dilution by several orders of magnitude can be achieved in order to cover the concentration range of the CMC reliably.

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The new Foam Structure Module for the DFA100 analyses foam structures by optical testing of stable and metastable foams in food, cosmetic and cleaning products.A new module for the DFA100 Dynamic Foam Analyzer intended for the optical testing of fluid foam structures at the European Coatings Show 2013 in Nuremberg. The instrument uses image analysis to determine the number, size and size distribution of the bubbles of a foam generated under control in the instrument. The foam structure module features a height-adjustable camera with rapid image sequence for measuring the structural changes over time, thus making the inner destabilisation of the foam visible long before it actually decays.

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